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ESPN has so many convicted felons that it associates itself with. Naked hot sexy ass. Well, that's it guys. It's not appropriate for him to support a man who has beat many women and has not shown to have changed himself. Max kellerman nude. I think her heart's in the right place, but she's executed her plan in the most misguided of ways. Someone like Mayweather should be ostracized.

Does the Arab Spring ring a bell? Yes, Mayweather is a 5 time convicted spousal abuser, but yes, he worked dates for WWE and is associated with them, so yes, WWE acknowledges him. Whether this means people that kept cable around because of sports programming from ESPN, that eventually decided to cut the cord because it was too polarizing is difficult to quantify.

There's a right way to handle things, and a wrong way. I didn't know because I don't follow boxing nor do I care to. This is simply a measure taken by ESPN to try and stop the hemorrhaging going on by people cutting the cord. What Mayweather has done to women turns my stomach, so again I really want to side with her on this, but it's like she's wearing a "Fuck Ike Turner" shirt at a Chris Brown concert. Sex hot nude videos. Max is good, Stephen A is just terrible though. I loved the drama. Floyd denied her a press pass, and so she's doing so,etching big to attract attention to her whilst not affecting her job too much.

I was going to mention sling tv too. So I do give her credit for seeing her mistake, admitting it, and fixing the situation. Nobody watches the NBA anymore except during the playoffs. She then took it back because of the hate she got and claimed she didn't know about it. If she wants to stop watching boxing. While being a woman beater is not okay, the WWE gains more from Floyd's boxing career in mainstream press than not associating with him because of his convictions.

WWE is a great company with alot of great stars. Its impossible to get through the day in this world without some kind of conundrum that would otherwise require denouncing. I'll watch Undisputed clips on Youtube now. Lesbian library porn. Why doesn't she cut contact with the clothing and sports brands her organisation is associated with, which are linked to sweatshops in Asia? I rarely watch ESPN.

She has publicly denounced ESPN personalities for their views on the issue. Maybe she is trying to make a difference?

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I do not understand why she gets to pick and choose? Unfortunately they must either have decent ratings or fit the vision of the enterprise. Devon michaels lesbian porn. Seems like you are being willfully ignorant. But being buddy buddy with SCSA is alright: Let's be honest about that. Why didnt she stop watching when HHH walked Mayweather to the ring in 09'?

This is a ton of hate directed at someone for expressing an opinion that nobody forced you to read. My point is that Floyd has been such a disgusting human that he is beyond interpersonal congratulations. I think Beadle renouncing her fandom is a tempest in a teapot not the issue she takes issue with - she's absolutely right about Mayweather - just the continued expansions on why she's "leaving the company".

If there's even a chance of WWE paying her for some sort of publicity work, she'll backtrack this statement faster than Mark Henry bankrupting a Chinese buffet. It also didn't help that Stuart Scott died and he was far and away my favorite host on the network. View all posts by Ben Koo Follow on Twitter. Not some big dramatic overblown response to a tweet. Finnish nude women. Max kellerman nude. This due to her calling him out in the past due to Domestic Violence. If she no longer wants to separate the personal lives from athletes, shouldn't she just quit?

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The WWE and Mayweather relationship is just business. I use to watch ESPN for scores and highlights. Did I say there was an excuse? Doesn't mean she has been successful yet, but she clearly is trying. Talk about talking out of both sides of your mouth Nobody watches the NBA anymore except during the playoffs.

Smith have driven a lot of people away. I'd be outraged if I were her and believed any of the bullshit she said. Ebony lesbian domination porn. It's also a little suspect when she did this after being banned from the fight by Mayweather's camp. Did she not know his domestic abuse past? Shes so hypocritical and such an attention whore. They also saw a large decline in ratings on MNF which in my opinion has more to do with the polarizing commentary than others may feel.

You know damn well that's nonsense. You cannot seriously expect her to call out every single person who may or may not be guilty of abuse. I'm sure she's a fan of other things that support Mayweather also, she just doesn't know it yet or they aren't as public about it.

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Milf xxx porn videos I completely understand her qualms and issues with domestic violence that all of us should share. Sometimes he has to hate on Lebron a little just to balance out the stanning. To be fair, she's acknowledging that she knows how it comes off, and doesn't care.
Tory lane big tits And why would she quit ESPN? Her actions against Mayweather match her previous actions.
FREE LESBIAN POEN Well, that's it guys. HHH isn't just a wrestler anymore, he is an executive of a company that says its against bullying and domestic violence. Who watches that crap?

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