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Much of the article concerns a fake Benghazi investigative report she filed on 60 Minutes -- a piece which made the Obama administration look very bad.

Sounds like that viewpoint is not immediately understandable to you, but that's how it is for many women.

Lara logan nude photos

I don't remember exact words but I did use Cairo and Tahir Square. Unlike Logan, who has basked in total victimization for months now, Addario spent her time arguing with the media about what it is really like to be sexually assaulted, trying to define the ordeal and defend herself from being cast as this sexually assaulted pitied victim, while her male colleagues were not even though one of them was also sexually assaulted. Lucy pinder naked pics. Lara logan nude photos. Both supporters and opponents of Mubarak have apparently both used rape threats against female reporters to limit media access […].

Just to clear up the hype, outside of her fans and some celebrity-journalist-worshipping sexual assault victims, nobody bought any of this Logan mania as far as I know. Man, how many thousands of posts have you been posting all over the Internet [Where are these thousands of comments by like-minded people?! The rest is innuendo or unrealistic. Look, I'm sorry, but what Grecko talks about simply is not that traumatic. Only one 1 photo clearly shows Logan being jostled -- and "jostled" really is the strongest term one may fairly use.

Getting beaten up is bad enough. Your defense of her has nothing to do with concern for sexual assault victims. The channel claims it was Aliaa al-Mahdy, which is confirmed by viewers in their comments. A group of soldiers appeared, beat back the crowd with batons, and one of them threw Logan over his shoulder. Lesbian porn websites. If he's right -- well, come on. Youtube won't take it down. Logan has no female fans. Hence, stealth bimbos like Logan. News of the violent sexual assault that followed was first reported by Dina Zakariaa journalist for Egypt 25 news channel.

The journalist was brutally beaten and sexually abused, before a group of women supported by some 20 soldiers rescued her. A dozen female journalists were harassed that night [Sheila: Here is a link from a French news website with interviews of a young Egyptian doctor who was there and one of the soldiers who saved her. Every company needs to do that. Our article builds on an earlier generation of studies to develop a model that appropriately identifies the consequences of crossing racial boundaries in matrimony.

But then the story went to exaggerated fantasy, to "yellow journalism" with claims that Logan had been gang raped by a crowd of crazed Arabs.

He then pinned her to the ground, and by this time she stopped resisting, apparently accepting the fact that she was overpowered. Sign in anonymously Don't add me to the active users list. I enjoy reading about the good, the bad, and the ugly of living in Egypt. Lesbian hot film. Outlets worldwide covered Logan's and Addario's assaults, followed by deeper stories on the issue everywhere from Atlantic Monthly, Forbes and the American Journalism Review to Glamour and Marie Claire magazines.

But if you can point me to an actual supporting witness, or link to anything that disputes any of the facts in my post, please do. Aliaa al-Mahdy, a young Egyptian student who posted a photo of herself naked on her blog, was allegedly beaten by an angry crowd.

And conveniently done just as Logan, whose only real professional asset is her appearance, turns 40 — getting very close to the age of the superior but older female reporter who was fired for her several years ago.

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Why would I do that if I just hated attractive people, rather than because Logan sucks? They do have an explanation as to how the group of rescuing Egyptian women came upon the scene.

I know on Skydancing you asked why any woman should have to discuss being assaulted, even if she wasn't raped. Cameron goodman naked. Your post here just makes you sound like a half retarded nut. The fact that we have more respect for dogs being brutalized than women tells you everything you need to know about our society.

Once you're caught in a web of lies and exaggeration, everything is second guessed. When nonviolence begins halfway through the war with the aggressor calling time out, it exposes itself as a ruse. Liver well and prosper. All were totally outraged and disgusted by the police. Tuesday, January 24, Letters from Egypt: May 20, at 3: She called her husband, U. The Netherlands Embassy has assisted the victim, and after receiving emergency treatment in a Cairo hospital she was repatriated to the Netherlands in the company of family.

As for the rape charge in Egypt? Ha ha, a straw man already! Note, however, that "Story 2" does not include the more extreme details of the initial accounts.

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May 20, at 4: Obama suppressed them when he got into office. Like a white knight on a trusty steed, raping and raping and raping and raping and raping the victim with every pageview. If anything like that had hit a web site, we'd know about it within a tweet. Free ebony milf pics. Lara logan nude photos. I wonder how that poor woman feels watching this cheater claim her daughter on national TV. It was shoulder to shoulder in Tahrir.

I criticize their masturbatory fantasy woman, therefore I must be ugly and jealous. I don't remember exact words but I did use Cairo and Tahir Square.

I saw her top was uneven. CBS channel footage shows the year-old being dragged into the seething mob and thrown to the ground. What Logan is doing undermines the credibility of real sexual assault victims. Meanwhile, they censor videos randomly, for practically no reason, all the time.

It's hard to believe that this could happen now, but obviously that is totallly wishful thinking.

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