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Angry from dealing with Brooke, Larissa went to talk with her boyfriend on the phone. Afterwards, the girls still wanted to get to the bottom of who stole Leilene's pictures. Big booty sexy girls porn. Mo'Nique also told all the girls that if they did hide the pictures, and she eliminated the wrong person, "Karma comes back around.

The girls returned home and discovered the pictures were missing. Leilene talks about using the money towards a better future for her and her kids. Flava of love nude. Nicole Alexander HoopzFlavor of Love She thought that if Larissa confessed and apologized like her then Larissa would not be eliminated. The reunion is hosted by La La. While the girls were gone, Shay and Larissa placed Leilene's school picture along with her mother and children's pictures under Schatar's mattress in an attempt to frame Schatar.

New York Daily News. Mo'Nique gave reasoning that Larissa acted childish, Cristal was self-absorbed, and Heather possessed a diva and self-centered attitude. How did they extend their fifteen minutes into a solid twenty? At camp, the girls struggled with setting the tent and preparing food.

While some went into acting and others into politics, some got into porn. Big tits big round ass com. Mo'Nique also gave Courtney the opportunity to tour with her for her comedy act.

Brooke badly loses her composure and fights with Leilene. From this point forward, each contestant was referred to using their real names. From the first season, Smiley returned due to her emotional outbursts, especially the one the night of her elimination; Serious, for her egomania during a confrontation New York had with Hottie, Goldie for drinking, passing out and vomiting her first night in the house; Pumkin for spitting on New York; Rain for engaging in a screaming match with New York and Hottie for her "adorable" behavior, which, amongst other things, led her to present raw chicken to Flavor Flav and his mother.

Mo'Nique sent Becky back with the other girls, leaving either Cristal or Jennifer to be eliminated. Shay then forgives Becky and then confessed to Mo'Nique that Larissa was the real thief and that she was an accomplice.

To keep things organized, we broke up the guide into four sections: The girls divided into teams of two: Tonya CooleyThe Real World: Retrieved 11 July They got into a fight over it in the kitchen. Heather was ultimately expelled.

Flava of love nude

Larissa calls her a hater. After a heated argument, Becky, guilty that she believed her friend Shay was the thief, announces she wants to quit and runs upstairs to pack her belongings. The catch to the game is that each girl gets to decide who to ask their question to.

She also backstabbed Shay by saying that she was the one who came up with the idea of stealing the pictures. During the final elimination ceremony Leilene was told she did not win but was given the opportunity to go into modeling thanks in part by Dean Keith.

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Because of this, Mo'Nique believes that Shay is now a grown woman, and makes the decision for her. The reunion is hosted by La La. Bart simpson naked porn. The girl who can pick out the one Urban Renaissance Man from the group that consists of Players, Professionals, Pushovers, and Parolees will be safe from elimination.

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Leilene talks about using the money towards a better future for her and her kids. The next day the girls must decide who represented Charm School the best and the worst the previous night. Leilene was at risk for elimination due to her being emotionally weak, while Saaphyri was at risk for continually interrupting her opponent during the debate and Cristal for her lack of improvement. Flava of love nude. Larissa then tells the others that Shay is the thief in an effort to save herself, leading Becky to unwittingly confront Shay.

Brooke and Leilene won the competition and a shopping spree at Forever Before the elimination, Thela went to Mo'Nique's office to have a one-on-one with her. The picture theft inquisition soon turned into a dramatic scene of lies and backstabbing that had even guilty parties at each other's throats. Retrieved 12 July Shay is vocally upset, but civil. As a result, Courtney was expelled for being in the fence and not really stepping it up.

Then, Becky and Shay are brought up on stage, in which the two of them speak on Shay's elimination and Becky's role in plotting it. Naked mobile pics. The girls returned home and discovered the pictures were missing. Mo'Nique called Leilene over and commended her generosity for giving away her mother's ring. The third part put Schatar and Saaphyri against each other. When her clothes were given low sale prices, Saaphyri became visibly upset and cried in the back of the store and blew her nose on clothes saying it made her feel worthless and devalued.

Dunbar bared it all for the Playboy channel when he had hardcore sex in the series, Foursome. The phone went dead and Brooke came down the stairs a few seconds later, leading Larissa to assume Brooke was responsible. The teams went in one-by-one to have their items checked over and priced accordingly by two employees. Nude a cup tits. Even though Cristal was a model outside of the show, she believed that being the model would irritate the judges for being in the limelight.

Mo'Nique made a point of asking for the grilled cheese sandwiches, which she sampled first. They both spoke with Mo'Nique who did not know the whole story but took the information into consideration.

Mo'Nique tells the two remaining ladies that tomorrow they should get ready to have a make-over. VH1 and all related titles and logos are trademarks of Viacom International Inc. Shay gets eliminated when asked "Which fork do you use to eat frog legs? Retrieved 11 July No one let her help since they were almost finished, so she was left to make grilled cheese sandwiches by herself.

Mo'Nique is stunned and tells Shay that those lies resulted in two innocent women Darra and Schatar being eliminated the last episode.

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