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I wish both of you all the happiness and luck in this new journey of yours.

God Bess u both.: Not good for him either way. As an Indian, I really love this! I have a tech question regarding the shooting, did you apply filters over them or were they shot that way? I love this so much and it personally gives me hope that one day my family may come around and support me. Solid big tits. My rights have been completely violated and I feel like I'm under attack. Firstly, these pictures are really beautiful. Photos of indian lesbians. Beautiful, beautiful photos and ceremony. I had been scanning lesbian weddings and came across your amazing wedding!

What can I say? Beautiful… the only word that came into my mind after going through this blog… God bless both of you.!!! I do not believe these pictures were taken in India. I wish you both happy moments together always! Vikrant Patnaik July 17, Absolutely Fantastic to see both the brides… in such awe of each other. I cried as if I knew them…so beautiful…so much love…all so clear! And what a stunning mixture of cultures.

Till very recently, it was illegal to be a homosexual in India. I am sure this was no small feat! This has given me hope……. Female escorts san diego. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Great combination of the rituals from both the cultures. Or a straight relationship. I think this would your th comment, but still I would say that I am bowled over by the entire thing.

Congratulations to the both of you! Congratulations to the newly weds and to you for making this so memorable for even strangers like me…sitting a million miles away in India. We do not allow blog hosting of images "blogspam"but links to albums on image hosting websites are okay. Just recently I talked to a friend from Nigeria who said that for him it does not make any difference if people have sex with other people of the same gender or with animals - both was not planned by god.

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Its really nice to see their families support them. Not easy given our mental make up. Big hot natural tits. Such happy vibes throughout. The "bad" weather made for some pretty perfect wedding pictures, eh?

This is the second time this picture has made it to my front page in the last 5 minutes. The shots are amazing; you are a wonderful photographer! If you didn't already know, rooftop weddings are not just for straight couples. You can see a lot more wedding photos and read more about their romantic story on Buzz Feed. I needed a break at work and stumbled onto your page, now I feel energized as if I actually was there at the wedding. Photos of indian lesbians. Wonderful photography, and what a lovely wedding service!

I really hope you will continue to beam with your love dear girls. Milf in lift. I am so happy for you two! Followed a link posted by Hermant Mehta. This is SO beautiful! It warms my heart that the world is changing and things like this are happening. Wish you all the happiness for your future. Thanks so much for sharing these special photos.

Hi Steph, I am an Indian Hindu and i know Hindu marriages can look beautiful, but there are still many that gloss over many shortcomings of our system, one of them being the denial of sexual liberty.

Both ladies look beautiful, love the fist pump, the dance routine, just precious, every single shot! All the best o the couple…and a special mention for your photographs…i love the way you have captured each and every moment….

These images are beyond beautiful, and they tell such a wonderful story of love and strength. Put a big smile on my face. Please be respectful to others.

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Steph Grant photography is stellar! It is important for couples to feel proud when they find love and to be embraced by not only their family and friends but by their photographer as well. He also explains everything in English for everyone most Indians don't speak Sanskrit. Dont let your family determine who you can and cant love. Cheers to Seema- as an Indian girl myself, I am truly inspired by your courage, love, and happiness that is shown in your pictures.

India is a very conservative country. Girl puts fleshlight in her pussy. How crazy is that!

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I read the title as "Beautiful Indian Thespian Wedding ". Blonde perky tits. The pics are amazing. I salute the photographer. Your happiness almost seemed tangible. This is my blog and I choose what lives on here…comments fueled by hatred do not.

I love this so much and it personally gives me hope that one day my family may come around and support me. I wish that I was there at that historical and solemn occasion to congratulate this beautiful loving couple.

My father is from India and so I appreciate the beauty and tradition of Indian weddings. Apparently he converted when he spent time in India as a youth.

God bless their love marriage. Sexy girl by pool Photos of indian lesbians. Soni July 17, These pictures are beautiful! I saw a link to this page of your blog on Facebook, Lezbehonest and I had to check out the remainder of the photos. All the best for the future. Felt a lump in my throat looking through these beautiful shots.

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